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Hellenic Transfers is a Greek company located in Thessaloniki operating and specializing in high quality transportation services all over Greece and abroad.

Disposing a fleet of Mercedes S Class, E Class, Minivan 9 seats, Taxi (Sedan-Station wagon) and certified, professional drivers with years of experience in addition to a partnership network across Chalkidiki, Pieria, Athens, Alexandroupoli, Kavala, Kastoria, Kozani, Ioannina, Larisa, Volo and Preveza that keeps on expanding, Hellenic Transfers offers complete and reliable solutions in the transfer sector.

The company provides a wide range of transfer services such as picking the clients up and getting them to the destination of their choice, airports, ports, train stations, transfer in tourist destinations of Greece or abroad and tours in historic and archeological monuments. In addition, the company offers VIP services like touring (in collaboration with professional tour guides), transfer in conferences and exhibitions, maintaining low costs in all services provided and disposing all the necessary certifications that guarantee the safest possible transfer experience.

Hellenic Transfers always operates with consistency and discretion, with its main concerns being comfort, professionalism and reliability, transforming every transfer into a luxurious experience!


High standard travel services with luxury vehicles and certified foreign drivers


VIP transfer services of individuals or groups with the use of luxurious vehicles all over Greece. Besides the transfer, the company provides a wide range of services such as mini bars, drinks, beverages, free Wi-Fi. The purpose of the company is the clients’ transportation in a high quality environment of comfort and luxury that satisfies all their needs in the best possible way.


Luxury vehicle rental for customized transfer services. The services include the transportation of the client in the destination of his/her choice. The experienced drivers of the company offer high quality services in order to create a luxurious experience that corresponds to the desires and demands of every client.


TAXI transfer services of high standards transportations for personal or professional use. The transfer is available 24 hours a day in any destination the client desires. The Mercedes type vehicles are shaped in a special way that make them the ideal mean for a comfortable trip of small or long distance.


Luxury vehicle rental for wedding guests and bride and groom transfer. The transportation takes place in the location of the wedding ceremony or the reception. The service includes the vehicle decoration after customer demand. The luxurious vehicles of the company are the ideal mean for a glamorous arrival with comfort and style.


Transfer of conference members and exhibitors in event venues like seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences. The transportation occurs in complete precision in order for the client to be present on time in the chosen destination for the event. The transfers are realized with the use of special equipped vehicles for the fast and complete client transfer.


Realization of organized tours and excursions in tourist destinations and visitors transfer in tourist attractions like museums, monuments and sights. The company provides the possibility of touring (in collaboration with professional tour guides) as well as the satisfaction of every need or demand that the clients may have.


Items, unaccompanied items, parcels, envelope transfer and deliveries with complete discretion and reliability. The service concerns the item transfer in various destination all over Greece. The delivery date depends on the distance of the destination point and takes place in a short amount of time without delay.


Pet transfer in any destination. The transportation takes place in airports, ports, train stations, hotels, pet clinics and in every destination the clients desires, with safety and ease. The company provides the ability of pet transfer with or without an escort in a calm and specially shaped environment.


We make your traveling enjoyment. By choosing our company, move with our cars, with comfort, safety and luxury.

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E Class Sedan
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